The fast track to create Virtual Reality

 Create your 360° and Virtual Reality experience without a single line of code

Sphere, the most effective solution for your 360° and VR projects

With Sphere, create 360° and VR sequences in three steps. Trainers, Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), marketers, designers, engineers…Sphere makes Virtual Reality at everyone’s reach. It’s user-friendly and requires no coding skills.


 Import your 360° resources or 3D scenes

It’s the canvas of your content, the environment where the user will evolve. Import your 360° photos, 360° videos, or 3D scenes.


  Bring your content to life

Enrich your Virtual Reality project with images, videos, audio, 3D objects… Define the navigation and display conditions, thanks to the implications editor in the software.



Place your objects in the spherical view. You can preview the experience on your VR headset or on your screen. Finally publish and deliver on the web.


Sphere is a unique and exclusive solution. Our technology will satisfy all your Virtual Reality projects: training, virtual visit, safety or documentaries. Discover Sphere’s main features, go ahead and dowload the trial version.

Visual editor, zero code
Sphere doesn’t require programming skills to provide you simplicity and productivity. It’s as easy as ABC.

360° photo and video panoramas
Create your own immersive experiences using 360° photos and videos. Sphere optimizes the delivery, for a fast loading time and smooth playback.

Conditional interactivity
Sphere’s implication editor allows you to bring to life simple or complex scenarios.

Import 3D files
Sphere allows you to use your existing 3D models for even more immersive and interactive experiences.

Live the experience in your web browser!
Deliver your projects directly on the web thanks to the WebVR. No app, player or plugins required. Just open your web browser and select the 360° or VR output.

Gather user data to analyze their activity. Upload your experience to your LMS thanks to the SCORM output.


Virtual Reality is a “life experience”. Whether you create content for training purposes, safety and risk prevention, real estate tours, tourism, movies, series, documentaries or industrial design… Virtual Reality extends, almost to its maximum, the immersive potential of multimedia programs, and makes the user benefit of the feeling of presence, to ensure a unique efficacy.

Slide L'oreal Réalité Virtuelle L'Oréal Guided tour of the
R&D laboratory
VR Delivery: Samsung GearVR.
Slide orange réalité virtuelle Orange Training for agents
to install the fiber
VR Delivery on Smartphone + VR headset.
Slide Air France Réalité Virtuelle Air France "Onboarding Training" Project.
Familiarization with the aircraft
Delivery: 360° on iPad.
Slide eurovia réalité virtuelle Eurovia "Safety Engagement" Project.
Risk prevention on a stone-pit.
Delivery: 360° on site, offline.
Slide Nexity Réalité Virtuelle Nexity "PMR Regulation" Project.
(Persons with special needs).
Delivery: 360° on PC.
Slide Seb "Perfect Store" Training
in France and other countries.
Delivery: Smartphone + VR glasses. Seb Réalité Virtuelle


In 2017, Sphere was distinguished in several events dedicated to Virtual Reality, training, start-ups…it was rewarded for its originality and features, or honored by an outstanding project crafted by one of our customers, Sphere was unanimously welcomed by its customers and peers.

Sphere récompensé lors des Learninnov Genius
Sphere récompensé lors du concours de startup sur Virtuality
Sphere présent lors de vivatechnology
Sphere récompensé lors des Cegos Excellente Awards aux cotés d'IFPEN pour son projet de Réalité Virtuelle


Sphere partnering Solidworks
Sphere partnering IFPEN


Speedernet Sphere VR Interview at SIGGRAPH 2017
EINpresswire: Speedernet to showcase Sphere, an intuitive webable 360°VR solution for professional training, at Siggraph 2017
3DVF: SATIS 2017 : Sphere, solution de création de projets 360/VR

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