The “media manager” enables you to handle all the medias you’ll need for your project. If at the beginning of your project all the medias are already/pre-selected (sound, image, video), you’ll save time by importing them all together at once.

If you import them progressively as you’re working, that’s the emplacement where they’ll be available.
The “media manager” organises the 7 types of medias you can use in Sphere:

  • Photo panorama 360°
  • Video panorama 360°
  • Image
  • Sound
  • Video
  • Image storage
  • 3D model

Do you need to learn more about the media format compatible with Speedernet Sphere?
Don’t hesitate to visit our data base.

Add a media

To add a media:

  • Click on the tab “PANORAMAS”
  • Click on the button “add panorama”
  • Select the panorama(s) for your project
  • Click on “open” to launch the import

Proceed the same way for all the different medias.

Preview media

In the “media manager” you have the possibility to preview each media by clicking on the thumbnail.
For the images, sprite sheets and 3D design, when you click on the thumbnail you can have an insight of the media.

The same operation on the thumbnail of a video or a 360° video enables you to get a playback of the media in the insight.
Bellow the video, the button “Play/Pause” and the progression bar enables you to control the preview.
Note: the volume adjustment only has an effect while the preview.

As for the sound, the preview is a pre-listening. Raising or reducing the volume while this listening is only good at this precise moment.

Delete the medias

In the “Media manager”, it’s possible to delete medias one by one or all together.
That’s how:

  • Click on the tab of the media in question
  • Tick the box of the thumbnail of the media
  • The button “delete” activates. Click on it.
  • A pop-up appears and asks you to confirm or cancel the demand

 By deleting a media in the “Media Manager”, you delete it definitely of your project.

Now that you know how to manage your media , I invite you look at the tutorial “Scenes of the experiences”.
Don’t hesitate to send us your comments or any questions you may have!
See you soon on our new tutorial
Team Sphere



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