During the SolidWorks World 2018 #SWW18 held at Los Angeles (Feb 4th-7th), SolidWorks, IFPEN and Speedernet unveiled a partnership based on the format glTF, widely used for 3D.

The partnership « Research Associate » between Speedernet and SolidWorks aims to integrate and evaluate the future tool kit Xtended Reality (XR) of SolidWorks based on the export data format glTF, in Speedernet Sphere.

Different exchanges between software publishers have generated the creation of a partnership for the evaluation and integration of a tool kit XR of SolidWorks and export format to enable the users to access AR/VR experiences and all the resources granted by new technologies.

L’IFPEN, SolidWorks user and partner of Speedernet participates to this evaluation with a 3D resource created with SolidWorks. The experience uses the export format glTF recently compatible with SolidWorks to be integrated directly in Speedernet Sphere.

screenshot speedernet sphere sofware partnership


The purpose of this integration resides in the fact that the glTF format enables the conception created in SolidWorks a native integration with Sphere. The glTF format and its implementation in Speedernet Sphere brings out impressive performances concerning the diffusion and the 3D web result.

About the glTF format

glTF (GL Transmission Format) is a specification free of rights run by Khronos, for the transmission and loading of 3D scenes et models. glTF minimizes the scale of the resources and the processing performance necessary to be able to unzip and use these resources. glTF sets a common publication format and extensible for 3D tools and services so that the work flow is easier to use and enables a interoperable use of the industry content.
Many industrials and companies operating in services choose glTF in particular : SolidWorks, Google, Alegorithmics, Sketchfab, Unity, Epic…

Khronos was founded in 2000 to supply a structure that would enable the principal actors of industry to cooperate to the creation of open norms for cross-platform technology. Today Khronos is a consortium financed by its members (AMD, Apple, Google, Samsung, Sony, Amazon, …) and dedicated to the creation of open stands, free of rights, for 3D designs, Virtual Reality and the treatment of the vision on a large number of platforms and devices ( for example : OpenGL, Vulkan, WebGL, OpenGL ES, …).

The glTF format in Sphere remove obstacle for 3D on the web since it enables an integration without any lost ( no filters or geometrical reduction), and an optimal result (glTF rules the type of PBR based on the physical environment of the 3D model) on all browser whether they are fixe computers or mobile device.


IFPEN is a public-sector research, innovation and training center active in the fields of energy, transport and the environment.
From research to industry, technologies innovation is the center of their concerns.

IFPEN is integrated in a very large network that connects French actors of research as well as European and international actors. These partnerships increase quickly in the sector of technology and energy since a few years.

Speedernet and SolidWorks joined their forces to find a common partner to validate a situation in glTF format, user of both publishers in order to create a resource using SolidWorks, the glTF format and it’s integration in Sphere.

A first 3D experience between IFPEN and Speedernet around a production flow with Catia of Dassault Systems helped to put in place the partnership. IFPEN and Speedernet validated the resource Clip Riser, a system that enables the drilling for oil in high seas, created with SolidWorks as the object of evaluation and integration of the glTF format in Sphere.

About Dassault Systems and SolidWorks

Dassault Systems SolidWorks Corp. offers complete 3D software’s that enables to create, simulate, publish and manage data. The SolidWorks product are easy to learn and to use. They also work together to help users to conceive their products, faster and for less money.

The highlight of SolidWorks on the ease of use helps engineers, designers, developers and other professionals in technology to gain profit from 3D and give life to their conceptions.

SolidWorks was acquired in 1997 by Dassault Systems SA, first worldwide programmer of management cycle solutions for products, second European publisher in terms of turnover.

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