This tutorial is dedicated to the creation of scenes in a virtual experience.
In a SpeedernetSphere project, you can create as many scenes as you want. Each scene can receive a panorama photo or video at 360°. Here is how to proceed.

Creation of the scene

Add a scene

First click on “add a scene”. The scenes add themselves one after the other vertically in order of creation.

Add a media

This steps goal is to associate a media ( also named panorama) with your scene: a 360° image or video.
When you click on the button “ Add media”, you have two possibilities:
Select a media from your workstation by clicking on “new media”
Or click an “existing media” to ad a media that was previously imported in the “media manager”

Name the scene

In order to recognize the scenes of your experience especially when you have several. Name them carefully, you’ll spot them faster. For that:

  • Click on “scene”
  • Type the name

Repeat the operation after the creation of each scene.

Enter a scene

In this step you’re going to enhance and add interactivity to your scene thanks to the mode”composition”.
For that:

  • Click on “open scene editing” or double-click on the scene.

Modification of the scene

Select the initial scene

Your experience always starts with the scene you have defined as initial scene of the experience. You can identify it thanks to the yellow flag from the home view. By default, the initial scene of your experience is always the first to be added.

At any moment you can change the initial scene by clicking on the grey flag of the scene selected.

Remplacing the panorama

To replace the panorama:

  • Select the panorama to replace
  • Fly over the scene with your mouse and click “Replace the panorama”

The panorama will update instantly.

Delete a scene

To delete a scene that is no longer used click on the button “delete”.
 You cannot delete the initial scene of you experience.

 When you delete a scene, you delete all the elements combined (aspects and implications). The medias (sound, images, videos…) that you used in the scene are available in the “Media manager” of the project.
Now that you know how to add scenes, it’s time to create your first experience. I invite you to watch our tutorial on “ First virtual visit step by step”.

Don’t hesitate to send us your comments or any questions you may have!
See you soon on our new tutorial
Team Sphere

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