In this tutorial you will learn how to use the event tool. This new functionality of Sphere allows you to manage the time of a scene and create events with a timeline.
The event tool is mainly used to create interactions in 360° videos. Thanks to the timeline you can pick a specific moment in the video and create your interactions in time.
Let’s see an example to use this feature.
You will need a 360° video. A text will appear at a specific moment of the video displaying information timely.
The steps to follow are:

  1. Enrich the panorama by adding a text element
  2. Create the events

Step 1 – Enrich the Panorama

Add the text element

  • Deploy the “add element” list.
  • Click the text element and place it on the scene.
  • Rename it in the “Elements” column. You will find it easier among the other elements.

Define the properties of the text element

  • Click the “PROPERTIES” icon in the “ELEMENTS” column
  • Enter your text in the corresponding field
  • Format the text using the fonts, size, etc.
  • Rename the initial aspect of the element
  • Create two stats and rename its: in our example the element is “invisible” at the beginning of the experience and it becomes “visible” and “interactive”
  • Close the window properties

Follow step by step this first step in this video:

Step 2 – Create the Events

Define the moment of appearance of the element in the panorama. Click on “Open/Close the event tool”. The timeline is displayed on the screen.

 The two red bars determine the beginning and the end of the 360° video.

To select the moment of appearance of the element:

  • Click the button “play/pause” to start the 360° video then click the same button again to pause the video at the right moment.
  • Click “Add an event”.A window opens:
    • name the event at the left
    • Adjust the time if necessary
    • At the right, define what is going to happen. In our example the text is going to appear. We select: “ Then: in the current scene, the text element changes to its visible state.
  • Click the cross to close the window. The event created appears on the timeline.
  • Test the experience by clicking on “File” then “Test the experience”.

Follow this second step in the video:

To delete an event:

  • Click on the event in the timeline to select it
  • Click on “delete the selected event”

 In case you need to change an event, double click on it on the timeline. The events window displays. In order to visualize all the events of the scene, click on “Go to the events in the scene”.

Now, it’s your turn!

Send us your comments and questions!
See you soon in the next turorial!

Sphere Team


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Is there a way to animate the position/scale/rotation/opacity of the elements in the scene?


No, it’s the management of the temporality of interactions. In the last version of the app this tool changed the name from “Animation tool” to “Event tool”.
Regarding the management of movements of elements in space, we have a new feature that manages animations. This feature is available in the latest version of Sphere.

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