Sphere team is composed of Virtual Reality experts, having a common objective, share their passion with you!


Our first conviction, that moves us from the very beginning, is making our projects accessible to anyone. So, once the project was launched, it became obvious that it needed a user-friendly interface and features that didn’t require specific skills, such as programming.

With Sphere, we want to free the creators of technical constraints, and make it easy for them to design and produce VR experiences. It’s one of our main concerns.


To go beyond the possible limits or technical constraints of delivery, we have chosen to use the technology that is already at everyone’s reach: the web! To view the projects crafted with Sphere, you only need a web browser (on PC, tablet or smartphone), IE11, Edge, Chrome, Safari, Firefox.

With Sphere, you can access a unique technology, exclusive, that allows you to include Virtual Reality, in a sustainable way into your projects.


You’re very close to Sphere, in just a couple of clicks create your account to try a demo version.

Sphere is a software developed by Speedernet, specialist of digital solutions since 1999.

Sphere was born after many years of experience in creating interactive multimedia contents, and constant research for innovation. Virtual Reality is a breaking point, your audience won’t be only spectators, but they’ll be actors at the core of the action.

Our team is constituted by more than 15 experts, covering all the skills domains to provide you the best quality of service at all levels.